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what clients say

The meditation-sessions Eva provides feel like a breath of fresh air. I've attended the remote group sessions and even though I've been doing guided meditations for a few years now, each time I learn something new. I'd recommend it to both beginners and experienced people.

Andre van Kampen (software consultant)

Montessori Based Activity for people with dementia, provides hope for caregivers and families. We learn a new perspective to provide choices and freedom for people with dementia. We do not need to be perfect for them but they need our presence. Dr. Eva is a great tutor; clear explanations and lots of demonstration for even better understanding.

Jayanti Ika Siwi (nurse practitioner)

Ensuring that people with dementia can still participate - that has always been at the core of my work. After a 3-day workshop with Eva, I became even more aware of my behavior. It made me see what I excel at and where I could improve. In a relaxed and personal manner, Eva coaches both groups and individuals. It results in personal growth for everyone!

Sandra de Jonge (nurse practitioner)

Eva van der Ploeg and I have known each other since 2004. I have collaborated with her as a researcher from the start of her career until now. She has a wide experience in the field of dementia, and very important, she is an absolute joy to work with.

Prof. dr. Anne Margriet Pot-Erasmus MC-

I have known Eva van der Ploeg for many years and collaborated with her on a variety of projects. She is an excellent researcher and trainer. I consider Eva to be a good colleague, and more importantly, a good friend. I recommend her without reservation.

Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D-Director R&D, Cen4ARD-

Eva, knowing and working with her is always a pleasure to mix the beautiful culture of Indonesia and The Netherlands.  Full of new ideas, initiatives and how simple to implement it which is important in elderly care.  Eva’s methods are very useful.

Amalia Fonk-Utomo-Chair AlzI NLD-

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what partners say