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Video Consultation

Dementia Mentoring

Join me for one on one mentoring related to dementia care. The aim is to create better lives for people who live with dementia. I cater to people who have dementia themselves or those who care for or live with someone with dementia, including both family members and professionals.

Support Groups

Giving and receiving support to people who are going through similar things in life, can be a powerful enabler. As you listen to others, consider their stories and share your own, you will grow as a carer and/ or person.

Separate groups available for people who have dementia, informal carers and professionals.


Dementia Consultancy

Dementia Mentoring on an organizational level. This may concern general input on dementia care, policy or dementia research as well as signing up employees for one on one mentoring. Packages available when enrolling multiple staff.

Patient and Nurse

Dementia Workshops

Keep an eye out for events to be organized starting in 2022. The workshops aim to increase informal and professional carers’ knowledge and understanding about dementia as well as improve skills to broaden the spectrum of their care

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