compassionate | spirited | open minded | down to earth
solution oriented | reliable | versatile | straightforward

I was born an athlete and a psychologist.  After lots of running around (on a track), I studied journalism and travelled the world, before finding a home in Amsterdam. It was the long and enjoyable way around to becoming a qualified social psychologist (with special interest area of emotions). From there, I moved more into the field of psychiatry working with people with dementia and their carers.

With a great team at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), we conducted relevant scientific research, while at the same time improving the day to day life of people living with dementia. Here, I was also schooled to be a Mindfulness trainer by buddhist GP Dr. Craig Hassed. And I found the perfect teacher in the equally wise Dr. Cameron Camp to mentor me to become an Original Montessori for Dementia practitioner. 

Soulful Brain was born in May 2020. Through research, stories, meditations, coaching and Montessori training I hope to make the world a slightly better place. Your world. My world. The world.

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