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Eva van der Ploeg

MSc. Social Psychology, PhD Public Health

certified Mindfulness Trainer (Monash Uni) & 

Montessori for Dementia practitioner (Cen4Ard)


Mindfulness & Montessori are my main 'tools'. Original Montessori for Dementia (Cen4Ard - Dr. Camp) is offered for people who care for someone with dementia, both professionals as well as volunteers or family members. My coaching and meditations are grounded in Mindfulness (Dr. Kabat-Zinn). What these methods have in common is an open, unassuming approach. Both emphasize that there is no 'one size fits all'. Every person, situation, time and place are different. Solutions should reflect this variety.


From these two methodologies, I can help you to break through challenges you have been facing, for example, we can work to: reduce stress & anxiety; increase self-confidence; improve your relationships, and; relate healthily to social media.

What you can not expect: I will not fix your problems for you. To quote another of my esteemed teachers, Kain Ramsay: We focus on being better, not feeling better. Both during workshops, meditations and consults, I'd like you to see me as your guide. I share my knowledge and experience, you do the work. Through this joint effort, we work towards your solution considering your wishes and capacities.