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Eva van der Ploeg, Ph.D.

Coach | Researcher | Consultant

Mindfulness | Montessori

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Eva van der Ploeg

MSc. Social Psychology, PhD Public Health

certified Mindfulness Master (Achology) & 

Montessori for Dementia Guide (Cen4Ard)


Mindfulness & Montessori are my main 'tools'. Original Montessori for Dementia (Cen4Ard - Dr. Camp) is offered for people who care for someone with dementia. My coaching and meditations are grounded in Mindfulness (Dr. Kabat-Zinn). What these methods have in common is an open, unassuming approach. Both emphasise that there is no 'one size fits all'.

In 2021, I have been certified as practitioner and trainer for Namaste Care for late stage dementia and for the courses Mindful with your baby & Mindful with your toddler.


From these methodologies, I can help you to break through challenges you have been facing, for example, we can work to: reduce stress & anxiety; increase self-confidence; improve your relationships & parenting style, and; relate healthily to social media.

What you can not expect: I will not fix your problems for you. To quote another of my esteemed teachers, Kain Ramsay: We focus on being better, not feeling better. Both during workshops, meditations and consults, I'd like you to see me as your guide. I share my knowledge and experience, you do the work. Through this joint effort, we work towards your solution considering your wishes and capacities.

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Contact me for personalised meditations. Available for individuals, duos and small groups.


compassionate | spirited | open minded | down to earth
solution oriented | reliable | versatile | straightforward

I was born an athlete and a psychologist.  After lots of running around (on a track), I studied journalism and travelled the world, before finding a home in Amsterdam. It was the long and enjoyable way around to becoming a qualified social psychologist (with special interest area of emotions). From there, I moved more into the field of psychiatry working with people with dementia and their carers.

With a great team at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia), we conducted relevant scientific research, while at the same time improving the day to day life of people living with dementia. Here, I was also schooled to be a Mindfulness trainer by buddhist GP Dr. Craig Hassed. And I found the perfect teacher in the equally wise Dr. Cameron Camp to mentor me to become an Original Montessori for Dementia practitioner. In 2021 I completed the Master course Mindfulness of Achology to refresh my knowledge and imrpove my skills. 

Soulful Brain was born in May 2020. Through research, meditations, coaching and Montessori training I hope to make the world a slightly better place. Your world. My world. The world.