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Dr. Eva van der Ploeg is a Research Psychologist doing studies in real-life settings and working in practice. She has an MSc. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Public Health. Her practice work is grounded in the teachings of person-centered care and mindfulness. She is a certified trainer and practitioner of Montessori for Dementia and Namaste Care as well as mindfulness. She specializes in working with people with dementia and those who care for them, but she also provides mentoring and meditations for the general population. Above all, she is a person who cares.


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Mindfulness & Person-Centered Care are my main 'tools'. Prof. Kitwood coined the term Person-Centered care for dementia about 30 years ago. Many methodologies have been developed in its spirit. I work with Montessori for Dementia, Spaced Retrieval (both developed by dr. Camp), Namaste Care (Simmard) and Function Focused Care (Resnick & Gallick). I blent elements of these in with some good old Mindfulness (Dr. Kabat-Zinn). What these methods have in common is an open, unassuming approach: there is no 'one size fits all'. Every person, situation, time and place is different. Through Attention and Appreciation we work towards Inclusiveness. I specialize in dementia care, but also provide Mindfulness mentoring for the general population.



I can help you to break through challenges you have been facing, for example, we can work to: reduce caregiver burden & stress; improve general stress & anxiety levels; increase self-confidence; improve your relationships, and; relate healthily to social media. My aim is to empower you, which does mean you are an active participant if you join me. To quote another of my esteemed teachers, Kain Ramsay: “We focus on being better, not just feeling better”. I hope for improvements that last, not quick fixes. I am not teaching facts, but skills. During workshops, support groups, meditations, mentoring and consultancy, I'd like you to see me as your guide. I share my knowledge and experience, you take it from there. Through this joint effort, we work towards a solution that fits with your wishes and capacities.

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Jayanti, nurse practitioner

Montessori Based Activity for people with dementia, provides hope for caregivers and families. We learn a new perspective to provide choices and freedom for people with dementia. We do not need to be perfect for them but they need our presence. Dr. Eva is a great tutor; clear explanations and lots of demonstration for even better understanding.



Andre, software consultant

The meditation-sessions Eva provides feel like a breath of fresh air. I've attended the remote group sessions and even though I've been doing guided meditations for a few years now, each time I learn something new. I'd recommend it to both beginners and experienced people.


Sandra, nurse practitioner

Ensuring that people with dementia can still participate - that has always been at the core of my work. After a 3-day workshop with Eva, I became even more aware of my behavior. It made me see what I excel at and where I could improve. In a relaxed and personal manner, Eva coaches both groups and individuals. It results in personal growth for everyone!

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